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75th Convention – Speakers

Join us from 10 am – 2 pm on Wednesday, May 18 as we “Revolutionize the Way It’s Always Been Done.” Our General Session will be followed by breakout sessions with four of our industry’s top minds. Get to know them below.

How Agency Technology Works Together

Casey Nelson
Founder & CEO, StakWise Data Automation

Casey Nelson is an experienced leader, innovator and marketer, and is passionate about using technology to find creative solutions. His business, StakWise, helps businesses improve their workflows with done-for-you data automation, integrations and back end support. StakWise helps you save time so your business be more productive.

Building a $100MM Agency

Andy Mathisen
Co-Founder, GloveBox
Ryan Mathisen
Co-Founder, GloveBox
Sean Mulhern
Co-Founder, GloveBox

Andy, Ryan and Sean have been in the trenches of the independent insurance channel for years, which helped them recognize an opportunity to solve a major need in the industry: Bridging the gap between client, agency and carrier. They offer an insurtech product with a vision to improve the self service platform in the independent insurance channel. GloveBox takes all of the mobile apps of your favorite insurance carriers and wraps them into one single portal. Clients can self service to the extent they are asking for and agencies have a branded app experience to offer clients.

How to Make Your Insurance Agency Investment Worthy

Billy R Williams
Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

Dr. Billy R Williams is the CEO of the Williams Family Investment Group. He is also the founder and president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Services, America’s best insurance agent, and Small Business coaching and mentoring company. Billy’s experience, wisdom, and insider access allow him to speak on over 50 business based topics. His convention topic will cover all aspects of building an insurance agency, including motivation behind the agency, standards, processes, technology, staffing and retention practices.

How to Build Agency Culture: A Tactical Approach to Agency Culture Without Being a Pushover

Bradley Flowers
Portal Insurance & The Insurance Guys Podcast

Bradley is the founder of Portal Insurance, a scratch independent agency he founded and is building on the back of social media, personal branding, content, and technology. Bradley is an acclaimed speaker in the insurance and real estate sector and is the co-host of the “Insurance Guys Podcast” the most downloaded podcast in the insurance industry which is featured on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and iHeart Radio.

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