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76th Convention – Speakers

Join us from 9 am – 2 pm on Wednesday, April 19 as we “Cure Your Curiosity.” Check out the schedule and get to know our speaker lineup below.


9:00- Mitch Gibson: The Game Plan for Becoming a Successful Young Professional. 

9:30- Reghan Brandt: Mentorship and ushering in the Next Generation 

10:00- Scott Howell: Story Telling with Scott Howell 

11:00- Jason Cass: Blue Print for Managing Young Producers

12:00- Lunch and Meet and Greet with Speakers

1:00- Panel Discussion (Hosted By: Scott Howell) Featuring: Mitch Gibson, Reghan Brandt, Scott Howell, Dustyne Bryant 

The Game Plan for Becoming a Successful Young Professional

Mitch Gibson

Mitch has been a Risk Advisor with HRM Insurance since 2017, and he is absolutely in love with the insurance industry, along with serving his local community. He is also the podcast host of the locally known post podcast, Inside Indiana with Mitch Gibson, where he has conversations with local community leaders, business owners and individuals who make a daily positive impact on our community. 

As a Insurance Professional, Content Creator, Podcast Host, and Community Leader,  he is he host of the MVP podcast, and featured guest on many other podcasts, including the Agency Intelligence, Insurance Town, The Ryan Hanley Show and many more. He was recognized in 2021 as a Rise Award Winner, recognizing the top young talent in the industry, as well as a finalist on the 2nd season of the industry’s first reality competition show The Protege.  Mitch is a young star in the industry. 

Mentorship and Ushering in the Next Generation

Reghan Brandt

Reghan Brandt is one of the most active women in our industry,  She is the Co-Founder of Columbia Premium Finance company and Loss Runs Pro an insurtech that is revolutionizing the commercial Insurance  industry. If thats not enough she is also the host of the Insurance Chatter Podcast and  a mother to three sons.  Reghans Story of hard work, grit , and determination is such an inspiring one. She has such a fiery passion for propelling young people forward in this industry as well as helping other women to be successful in our industry. 

AS an Insurance Professional she specializes in Growth Strategies, Work Flow Implementation, and Mentorship. She have helped her companies grow through optimizing processes, improving customer experience and building strong teams that can deliver against ambitious targets. Reghan is incredible quick witted and an incredible story teller.  

Story Telling with Scott Howell

Scott Howell

Originally from Hamilton, Alabama, Scott I served four years in the United States Marine Corps, as well as  in Security Forces in London, England While in London, Scott became one of only a handful of U.S. Servicemen to complete the British Royal Marines, All Arms Commando Course. This distinction makes him one of only a handful of U.S. citizens to ever complete both U.S. Marine Corps training at Paris Island and complete Royal Marine Commando training at the Commando Training Center in Lympstone. 

Scott began his career in Insurance as an associate agent with State Farm Insurance in Birmingham, Alabama.  Scott joined Nationwide Insurance in the Associate Agency Executive program and spent several years in various agency programs within Nationwide. In July of 2020, the Agency transitioned to a full service Independent Agency, known as iPROTECT Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Scott is also the founder and Co-Host of the widely popular, The Insurance Guys Podcast.  The podcast is infotainment for agents and is widely regarded as the most listened to podcast for both Captive and Independent insurance agents in the United States of America. He is not only wildley entertaining on stage , and one of the most sought after speakers in the country , but also one of the most successful salesmen in our industry. He has won many awards throughout his career.  Scott is also a family first man, giving all the glory to God and his lovely bride Kim. 

Blue Print For Managing Young Producers

Jason Cass

Jason Cass is a thought leader, speaker, agency owner and champion for the independent insurance industry. Jason hosts two major insurance podcast series, Agent’s Influence and Agency Intelligence where he talks with those that influence the insurance industry and connects with independent insurance agents all over the country. He is also the author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Customer Service is Just Foreplay. 

As a Insurance ProfessionaL, He is always looking to give back to our industry , he has been on some of the biggest stages in our space, he is always willing to give of his time, he runs the top insurance masterminds in the country, where he calls his members, champions. He currently has a new excitement in the agency with his son coming on board and another young producer who grew up with his son Gavin. These two have already began their careers with a bang thanks to Jason’s amazing coaching. 

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